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As much as I love a good story like Rainey or James, let’s not overate them. Mike James had one good game against the Seahawks, and Bobby Rainy did well against the Falcons, but besides that, did okay. Really the only proven player in our backfield was Doug Martin. Who, as much as I hate it, people can make a good case for him being overrated and the product of a ton of carries/fluke games. I think fans are really starting to overate the position. Not only that, but two out of those three guys had season ending injuries. Judging from only highlight tapes, I think this guy is much better than Mike James or Rainy as a runner, and much much much better as a pass catcher then all three of our backs. He is a bigger target. Although I'm just as worried about guard as you all are, I like this pick and I think we walk out of the draft massively improving  our WR, RB, and TE positions which all happened to be part of one of the WORST offenses in the NFL.

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