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Your team has a new coach and half a new team and you were 2 plays away from beating 2 decent teams in the last 2 weeks.  Sometimes I think the problem might be TB fans.  I think most of us agree Schiano should have been given another year, but he wasn't and Lovie tore this team down and is starting from scratch.  Pro coaches need 3 years and college need 4 to truly implement their system.  I think Lovie made a big mistake tearing this team down and not building on what Greg left him.  That draft was pretty ridiculous mostly offensive weapons replacing players of equal or greater value.  I would think when starting from scratch best player on the board might be the way to go.  Herron, Sheppard and thigpen could all be replace by Eric Page and have 2 more spots for Oline.  Eric Page should be promoted to Player Coach, watch instant improvement. :P

You need to step up your trolling game, bro. This is pretty bottom of the barrel

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