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I have to give kudos to Lovie for making this move.  He seemed to play well, curious how he grades out and now let’s see some consistency.Am I losing my memory or did Collins play G for a while at the Bengals? I checked and couldn't find a record of it, so maybe I'm losing my mind.  I'd try him at guard anyways if coaches think he could play there.  Some guys just aren't built for it. Collins is also a great example of how having a couple quality players on your line makes a huge difference (and having an NFL caliber QB).  Just projecting players doesn't work, Collins got to play next to Whitworth (maybe the best OL in the NFL today, was an elite LT and LG) and had a QB that could get the ball out on time and step up in the pocket.  The good news to that is in my mind upgrading 2 spots on the OL with quality players elevates everyone else's play.

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