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First thing I thought when I saw the lineup was “at least Tog will be excited.” I thought it was a good move, but predictably Bucs got ripped on twitter (Steve White, Buc Nation, etc.) for having Cousins at RT and in fact, some argued to move Dotson back because Charles Johnson was killing him. Damned if you do....To me, benching Collins sends much more of a message than cutting Gilkey. I don't see RG or RT being much of an option for Collins. Why? Because as I mentioned in another thread last week, there's a softness to his game this year that I can't stand and I'm skeptical that it gets better at a different spot. I agree with Tog - I think many people on the boards overstate the size of the overhaul needed for next year on the OL. Sometimes 1 or 2 guys can make a huge difference. Also, something the "Commish" pointed out on twitter - for all the "draft OL first" folks...Ask Tennessee how that's working out. And that's with Lewan playing pretty well from what I can gather.

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