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I think the gap between the two positions is smaller than it was, say 10 years ago, because defenses flip the pass-rushers more frequently. Still, I think it wise to use Dotson at LT. Why?Teams tend to be "right-handed" when they run the ball.  There are a couple of implications that flow from that:1) Dotson's strengths are feet and arm length. He's not a mauler (though I believe PFF has given him solid run grades before). 2) Because teams run right-handed, often (obviously there are exceptions) the pass-rushers there are built differently than the guys on the other side because of the need to anchor. Skills/attributes to defend those guys are different than needed to stop the race-cars teams employ at RDE. There's also the issue of "blind-side" and teams (rightly or wrongly) preferring to put edge guys at  RDE. Need foot quickness and length to handle those guys.

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