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Even here in Tampa we don't and haven't run a purebred Tampa2 for a myriad of reasons.Marinelli took it with him and how did it work out? Why is he now in Dallas after Detroit, Chicago and college ranks. Same for his boss Kiffin.It really scares me the Lovie will try to use it here when we clearly don't have the personnel.

I'm not sure I get this US - why would we use a "purebread" Tampa-2 (whatever that actually is), when Lovie didn't use one in Chicago? And I'm not sure I understand you take on Marinelli - first of all, he was terrible in Detroit, but go back and look at the defensive personnel as well. In Chicago, he was the DC for the 4th, 4th, and 1st ranked defenses (according to Football Outsiders). In Dallas, his work with a tattered DL was one of the few bright spots on the entire D.

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