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To waste that kind of ammo for qb’s who might not play as well here is actually the insane thing.They might play worse. Just because they did well elsewhere, doesn't mean they'll play the same here.Flacco comes from a system like we had with freeman. Big throws, let the rb run, wideouts go out.Stafford would be more of a fit here, but he's not that great either. We have evans instead of Megatron, but he's already had so much sack trouble for years, that if the OL isn't improved by then, it would get him killed.Both require a lot of talent around them, and are not "true" elites. With that being said, I think its better to just let nature run it's course and draft a qb that maybe has that elite status.Because, literally, they're all a crap shoot if you bring them here.

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