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You people are effing INSANE!You absolutely take either QB over Mariota. They are proven talents! Do you not understand that? If you think for one second that Mariota is going to equal his college success in the NFL, you're the most naive people on the planet. Yes, a million times, yes for that trade. And please keep talking about winners. Right now, Kyle Orton is a winner. Jeff Hosteler was a winner. Hell, Drew Stanton and Carson Palmer are the biggest winners in the NFL at the moment. Stop with this nonsense. The only way you don't make that trade is for a prospect like Luck. If you think Mariota or Winston are even close to that guy, think again. Oh, and please tell me you have adult supervision 24/7.

You ever take any risk?I'll take the potentially higher ceiling without the team killing contract. Those dudes won't get us anywhere.

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