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You don't often get a shot at the 1st pick. When you do, you have to make it count. If you don't, you're in for a lot more losing. Drafting Mariota, a type of QB that has historically performed mediocre at best in the NFL, is extremely risky. You guys want a change because your frustrated and you think this is the only way. If you have an opportunity to get a guy like Flacco or Stafford, you take it. Those players, combined with a good defense and offensive line we'll keep you in the mix for years. Mariota, has to have a lot of things going for him AND has to be surrounded by talent to get this team anywhere near where we need to be. Mark my words, draft Mariota and we suck again next year. it's going to happen. And, we still have to hope he pans out. Look at Jax with Bortles. Not telling what's going to happen there but at least they "rolled the dice" right? You gonna tell me that Maybe Carr and guy like Mike Evans or OBJ wouldn't have made them a better team?

And... You are assuming. Just like mariota or Winston, you do NOT know. No one does.Sure. They have been OK/good of their current teams, but Stafford needs a lot of help, just like flacco. You think it's going to be the same system? Do you believe we can recreate Detroit's or the ravens offenses? ..That worked out well for mccown, right? No..they would be guesswork, just like any guy in draft. Just because they have performed well on the NFL stage with their teams, does not mean they will on ours. Not every good qb is Montana or favre like, and can go to another team and win.For cripes sake though. Stafford already gets sacked a LOT ...our line would have to be upgraded to bring him in. Same with flacco, even if he's slightly more mobile. Then, both have had the luxury of decent defenses. Can we ever have a top ten defense again? Idk that answer either.Point is, none of us know. I do know this though.. Even IF we had big manning, this offense isn't going to look as impressive as it does within his time with the colts or broncos. It just isn't. So, it stands to reason that Stafford or flacco would have their production numbers slashed as well.We have no speed threat, no OL, an aged #1 wr, no good/ great te's, a boatload of bad coaches, and a boring old system that, as long as lovie's here, will stay relatively the same. Our only threats are Evans and our rb stable.No matter who you bring in, there is definitely going to be growing pains. Might as well go with the possible potential, cheaper contract, and younger arm. If you're going to spend 100mil on a qb, or have to back up your draft day truck, it had better be for an elite qb like manning. These two aren't.

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