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Holy crap...this thread is full of cracked out homeys.From Nov 9th..."Stafford completed 25 of 40 passes for 280 yards in today's 20-16 win over the Miami Dolphins and broke Dan Marino's record for most passing yards by a player in his first 70 career games."While it is more of a passing league...that record is no joke.  You people need help!!!!

Stafford has thrown the ball at a ridiculous rate. He had OVER 700 freaking attempts in 2012, and every year other than this has thrown the ball 630+ times. The only QB's who will throw more than 630 passes this year are Luck and Brees. No one is even close to 700 with 2 games left, hell no one is even at 600 yet. The fact that you think a Quarterback is good because he racks up a bunch of yards by throwing a lot is hilarious. Especially considering a lot of those yards came from him just throwing a bomb up to Megatron and making him go get it.

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