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    TIMING of when a team does a stunt, as well as the coordination of the players involved in the movement, are crucial to it's success.     Yes, outside contain was IMO the single biggest problem we had defensively all year. And not just with stunts either. In the good ol' days, our D was near impossible to get outside of; they contained to near perfection!!

Well and this notion that stunts are the only way to outside contain is silly. You can do that with a normal rush.Here is the simple fact on our stunts:1. We ran them way too much. No kidding they didn't invent stunts but they are something you do from time to time to mix up and offense. They aren't a "base" defense element.2. We ran them typically to minimize our best player (GMC) and to free up a average player (AC).3. They didn't work. They managed to both neither keep contain nor get pressure on the passer. Sure, someone didn't run his assignment right that happens and guys won't be in the right doesn't explain the long-term failure of the mechanism.4. We ran stuns that could NEVER work. Frankly the TEX stunts for example aren't odd and everyone runs them but the wild things where AC didn't cross with GMC on his side but crossed to the left of Spence was insane. You would need a guy of David's speed to run that sort of stunt to have any slim hope of it working -- maybe Revis'

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