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Again, it seemed on numerous occasions that the Bucs were caught out of position on some stunts and allowed QBs to make big plays with their feet. But part of that was the outside guy not keeping contain. The Panthers home game was one. Sources told us McCoy went rogue to a degree and allowed Newton to escape for the run. Really in hindsight, the biggest mistake this staff made defensively in my opinion was being way too complex in the scheme. If everyone plays perfect it worked, but it didn't allow for many mistakes. Players want to play and not be overloaded with thinking and several told us that late in the season.

stuff like this should be written about more, even though im sure mccoy wouldnt want it published.  maybe i missed when it was reported initially.even if mccoy was at fault, i still dont like the idea of my best DT looping around to keep contain of an athletic QB.  hopefully that play is put far far down the list.

All he has to do is not allow Newton the edge and force him to cut back inside where all the help is. McCoy is certainly athletic enough to do that.

  Bingo!  Even our top players, like McCoy and David, can at times revert to an undisciplined mode of D, which exposes the WHOLE D. Contain does NOT mean he’s gotta chase down the ball carrier; just DON’T let him outside. Our D last season was putrid when it came to defending the edge. Me thinks Lovie & Co. will fix that REAL quick…

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