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Steve White was always pretty clear that he had no problem with including stunts in the game plan, it was some of the specific stunts and their timing and frequency that he had major issues with.

Same here. Every team stunts from time to time. I specifically asked about the stunts privately and was told that a majority of them were called on run downs and were actually part of the scheme to stop the run. I'm not sure if that was the case, but in 2013 and 2014, what is a run down? Especially in the NFC South where Brees is just as likely to throw on first down as he is third down. I like Steve White and think he does a good job. I am biased as a part time CBS Radio employee also, but I like his take on things from a former player perspective. But listening to sports radio callers, they just scream STUNT STUNT STUNT as if it it some sort of thing created in Schiano's evil laboratory. My point was, there will be stunts in this defense, and there were stunts in Monte Kiffin's defense as well. I was listening to a caller yesterday saying, "Well at least we won't be seeing anymore stunts!" And I thought to myself, funny, I was just sitting beside Joe Cullen less than an hour earlier who said there will be stunts.

Well and this gets to the wrong headed mentality of the coaches. This is a collegiate mind set where stopping the run can be a priority because many to most college teams don't have a QB who can consistently make you pay. In the NFL, that isn't true and it really isn't true in our division. Rutgers was sacricifing consistent pass rush to be better stopping the run and that wasn't gonna work.

I wouldn't say that. We weren't going to have consistent pass rush with the talent we were putting out there on the D-line . Period. Schi was even quoted once saying that he would, " love to rush four straight up every play , but we're not there yet . "Schi was a bad coach , but he wasn't as evil and stupid with his x's and o's as some like to portray. He was trying to make chicken salad out of chicken shlt , and trying a little too hard , I think....

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