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"A small pocket of Bucs fans (and some radio hosts) have convinced themselves that former head coach Greg Schiano and defensive coordinator Bill Sheridan invented stunting by defensive linemen, but Cullen said the Bucs will at times use the dreaded “S” word as part of the package to get pressure on the quarterback."Lol ...veiled shot at Steve White there . I like it .

Stunts can be a good thing when used appropriately. Of course lineman will tell a coach "just let me go after my guy"'s bravado. Ego. Who wants a defensive lineman that says "yeah....lets trick these guys to get to the QB"? In reality, sometimes you have to stunt. Never bought into that being the reason we weren't getting sacks. Our D-Lineman, McCoy aside, just aren't that good. Could be a coaching thing. We'll soon find out.

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