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So marinelli wasn't coaching Dallas last year? Or monte wouldnt allow marinelli to coach the way marinelli wanted?  Was marinelli ignoring the details last season? Or could it possibly be that it took the players some time to understand and trust the scheme while making split second decisions in adverse conditions?

Marinelli wasn't the coordinator.

the coordinator is the only one allowed to explain things?  If it was this easy why didn't marinelli just explain it last year?

Marinelli only coached the front 4, to which Jason Hatcher and George Selvie had by far the best season of their careers. He didn't have anything to do with the back 7, where Dallas got abused. It comes down to this. You can either believe the guy who hasn't been relevant at any level of football since 2009 was on the precipice of turning things around or the guy who was an excellent position coach in 2013 and excellent coordinator in 2012 did it. Your choice.

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