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The problem I am seeing is the Bucs are playing a passive Tampa 2 with zones way too soft.When Lovie was a DC for the Rams, his defense never played this soft, and neither did Frazier's when he was with the Colts.  They need to sit down and communicate the players to tighten up their play.Anyway possible fast.

That's what has me so confused is the really passive play by the secondary ...yesterday in the horrendous first quarter they were lining up on the receivers but never attempted to give them any type of even mild jam to disrupt timing ...then turning and running with their backs to the QB (instead of "eyes in the backfield") and letting the WR make the simplest of inside moves to get wide open was just confusing to me what they were trying to accomplish with that scheme???  It looked like man coverage ...yet they (the CB's) were running into deep zones ...yet no one (LB's, safeties) were dropping/stepping up to take away the middle zones?  It's like the coaches got too cute with their calls and it just confused everyone BUT the Ravens.

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