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Hello,Long-Time lurker/ghoster on these forums.  This past Sunday did enough to compel me to register and join the conversation.  However, this particular thread caught my attention.  First, Rolando McClain getting to the deep middle as the "Mike in the Pipe" on that final play to seal the victory was vintage Tampa-2.  With that being said.  The Cowboys actually shut-down the 'Hawks with a ton of man coverage on Sunday.  On the 'Hawks second to last drive, on 4th and 3, the Cowboys were in all man coverage.  You can see Seattle tried to get a cheap first down with a rub route, but, Scandrick's press was able to delay the receiver and the pick didn't happen.  That's a man beater play, not zone.  Scandrick played it perfectly.  Just wanted to chime in.  Not trying to prove anyone wrong, but, just wanted to point out that while Marinelli may be from the "Dungy Tree," even he is willing to adjust his gameplan to his personnel and played a ton of man coverage.

Yep, That's what I saw also.If anything Marinelli is an example that if Lovie made adjustments  , things could get better.

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