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glennon doesn't have his arm strength or athleticism but some how in your mind Glennon has more upside.  okie dokie.

That's what's great about this board. If you support your team you get killed. 

so you aren't in favor of upgrading any postions on this team from last year because that's not supporting our guys?  there isn't a single team in the NFL that would trade for Glennon as their starter.  you cant win in this league with a bottom tier QB.  who knows if any of these prospects become upper tier QBs but not trying is not an option.  until we find our guy we will never contend.

Why would you think Glennon is a bottom tier QB?  I'm always in favor of an upgrade but QB is not a place that where our team needs it the most.  Defense is how you contend btw - if your dont have a defense you have nothing so I respectfully disagree. 

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