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Idk I'm still trying to figure out why all the hate for Carr just like another poster said before me. All he's done is just move up draft boards the last two months. How some ppl are so quick to condemn carr but then in the same breath say keep glennon in there but bring in competition is kind of silly to me. If glennon was so good shouldnt he have shot up draft boards last year? Now that's a terrible qb class. Argue about this one all you want when it comes to how good its/isn't but it's better then last year that's for sure and glennon couldn't even move up then. I'm not a huge Carr fan but I'm not opposed to taking him if this staff thinks he's a good fit.

I don't like Carr...but Im not opposed to taking him.  Im just opposed to taking him at #7.  But, Im also against taking any QB this year short of Teddy at #7.  This is not out of love for Glennon, because I am still in wait and see mode, but I think we get better value taking someone else there.

I would feel much better about that yes.  Here is also how I look at it...if you draft a QB in the 1st...he starts.  No questions asked.  Only, Im not sure Carr would beat out Glennon in camp.  Unless I am absolutely sure that someone would beat out Glennon...then I wait a year.  If you take a QB this year, it means you wasted a 3rd last year.Ah ok that makes sense so if wed move down to say 16 and took Carr ud be fine with it. Not the player it's the spot that turns u off of the pick I can understand that. Still takes two to tango. And it's not like glennon has lit the world on fire. If glennon is just decent  this year then we run the risk of being stuck in that middle portion where were good enough to compete but not good enough to do anything or make the playoffs. A qb has to be taken this year imo if the staff doesn't think glennon is the guy.

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