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This QB class isn't just Bridgewater (#1 QB IMO).I find the argument that the Bucs offense would not improve in offensive ranking (32nd) with Bortles/Manziel/Carr/Garropolo leading the way mind boggling.  Then there is Mettenberg, Murray and McCaron with Fales too. I like Glennon but I am not fool...there are QB's that are potentially better than Glennon in this draft.

I blame the coaching staff for a ton of the issues.  Glennon did fairly well, playing in a tornado of crap.Again, is Carr that much better than Glennon?  At pick 7, he damn well better be.  No hesitation.

Carr being able to roll his left and throw to his left is a huge edge over Glennon.  Defensive coordinators can easily counteract Glennon by siimply sending blitzers to his blindside forcing him to try to scramble to his blind side and throwing across his body.  Glennon has to develop high twitch mobility and hit the weight room as Tedford said in his press conference.  Vick had this weakness for a long time (the opposite teams blitzes his front side forcing him to scramble to the other way) and so it isn't just based on how athletic a QB is rather what their tendency is.

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