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McCluster and it's not even close. If you watch Hester you can see he's nothing without his "next level" speed. This year he was ineffective. What's worse he was given a shot at both DB and WR at different points and was an utter failure. You have to be a truly special returner to have a roster spot and contribute in no other way.McCluster... disclaimer: love him as a fellow Larghetto alum. But he's also still hugely effective as a returner, and can play wild card on offense. Tedford has said repeatedly he intends to develop our system and roster around speed in space. McCluster epitomizes that, and I don't know if we have that on our roster right now. Maybe Demps if he actually intends to play; I think the current staff won't be as rigid as Schiano was with using him.

LMAO @ 27.6 yards/KR and 14.2 yards/PR as being "ineffective".

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