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Apparently the Texans followed the sheep by drafting Clowney...

Gutless cowards

I agree!  At least the Bucs picked a player that can fit their scheme.  Unless the Texans go to a 4 man front I don't see how Clowney even fits.  Lots of luck making him a Linebacker and he is not a 3/4 DE.  Wrong body type.    Texans indeed were sheep that likewise followed the lead of those that are right 50% of the time.  Houston is a more confusing mess than about everybody.  When they tried to make Mario Williams into a 3-4 linebacker they showed their showed their love affair with the 3/4 was a mistake.Now if Houston decides to go to a 4-3 defense Clowney may develop into a decent DE. He still is weak at the point and containment to his side.  I wonder how quick he will pull himself from games now that his wallet is fat?

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