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Runole, Dom wasps the GM. Anyway, thanks for letting us all know (for a few pages) that you wanted Manziel

Your WelcomeSomething I look for in evaluation of QB's is the supporting cast and the type of competition the QB faced in college.  Texas A&M had a horrible defense and allowed 32 points a game to the opponents faced in 2013. Despite this Manziel was able to carve out a 9-4 record last season with the offense averaging 44 points a game. That is a QB carrying the team on his back against arguably the toughest CFB conference in America with more NFL prospects than any other.In the NFL there is considerably more parity among the 32 teams.  With a level playing field I expect Manziel to prosper just like Wilson and Brees.  Hey Gruden seems to have the same opinion and I do believe he knows QB's.  He and I could be completely wrong.  We shall see..Do you honestly think Glennon is a better QB prospect than Manziel?  If so based on what?

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