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I believe Manziel had a "little" help in carving out that record. I wouldn't exactly say he carried them on his back.  He had an OT protecting him that went 6th in the draft (long before Manziel did) AND a WR who would catch the ball when Manziel would frequently just throw the ball up in the air, who went 7th in the draft.  ALSO long before Johnny Football.  I'm not saying Manziel wasn't a good QB or that he won't be a good NFL QB; I'm just saying I am very glad we drafted Mike Evans instead of Johnny Manziel.

Yes he did have some supporting cast but lets watch A&M this season and see how well they score on offense.  JMO and again I thought Manziels first year was an anomaly and he would be killed by SEC defenses last season. Didn't happen while Manziel carried the team despite a defense that was like tissue paper.Meanwhile,  the #1 greatest defensive player in the history of football regularly pulled himself out of games and had a mediocre season.  One player steps up to the pump the other is just looking for a paycheck.  Hey that is Houston's problem!  Clowney is not a Linebacker or 3/4 defensive end.  Shame such a gifted athlete has so little desire and heart to excel.  It was embarrassing watching him last season but worse was those making excuses for him.Hey the Evans pick wasn't a bad one but I am not convinced that he will be considered the 2nd best WR in this draft in the next couple of years.  Hey with a 50% success rate on these picks who really knows?

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