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What does Clowney have to do with the discussion?Not much but just pointing out the difference in both players desire to excel and never let up.As to A&M dropping on offense next year, that's what happens when you have 3 offensive players taken in the first 22 picks of the NFL draft, two of which were taken in the first 7 picks; NEITHER of them Johnny Football.  FSU has 11 players taken in the draft in 2012 and they certainly didn't suffer.  JMO but A&M is going to have quite a fall off next season and the reason IMO is the loss of Manziel. Again where they are picked is just an opinion that I believe too often is skewed by combine numbers.  The proof will be shown the next couple years when statistically about 50% of the 1st 3rounds will be busts. As I said, he WAS a terrific college QB and if he can stay healthy AND put in the time required instead of spending too much of his time with LeBron and others, he can be a very good NFL QB.  I'm just not convinced he can and will.....obviously neither did quite a few NFL teams and their reams of data.We will choose to disagree.  While it certainly will depend on supporting cast I think his chances of staying healthy are far greater than Brees and Wilson because he is more agile and quicker than either of them.  Using NFL teams judgment that is only right about 50% of the time is not a convincing argument.  Sapp and Brooks lasted well into the 1st round.  How successful were they?Time will certainly tell.....Yes it will.  One thing certain the nation will have its eyes on Cleveland all year WIN OR LOSE while Tampa will continue to be the enema of the NFL.

Personally, I would like to see Tampa get a bit more respect from the media and that would have happened with Manziel.  I still think that the Bucs are going to be successful with the new regime but they could have "soared with the eagles" with the pick of Manziel. 

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