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Ruin ole you continue to focus on media attention rater than winning football games.  I prefer to win football games.

So you believe that media attention means you can't win football games?   

lol. your simple point is that you wanted manziel, but its responses like this one that make your threads drag on.  how in the world could you read Joe's comment and conclude that he meant "media attention means you can't win football games" ? wow

The inference was that I only wanted Manziel due the media attention and didn't consider success in that desire.  Not true!  I believe Manziel would bring both to Tampa.  Cleveland currently is predicted to be last in the league by some.  Tampa personnel wise is in far better shape which is another reason I would preferred Tampa swing for the home run.  Tell me seriously that you believe McCowen or Glennon are the future QB's of this franchise?  They both are band aids at best.

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