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Texas A&M with Manziel in the SEC  ( considered the toughest Conference in the FBS)  20-6 2012/2013Texas A&M without Manziel in the Big 12 ( not  considered the toughest conference in the FBS  16-10    2010/2011Or lets go for a full decade in winning %  before Manziel  64-60  51.6 %    With Manziel 76.9 % winning %

what is Texas a&m with sumlin vs the decade before him?

My mistake I didn't realize that he arrived the same time Manziel did.Just a reference to Texas A&M before they got in the "mighty" sec.  Now you may wish to give all the credit of A&M success the last 2 years to Sumlin I give it to Manziel.We will see this season how much or how little Manziel meant to Texas A&M.  Their defense should be better since it couldn't get much worse, but we shall see if it is the scheme or the player pulling the trigger of the offense that is the difference. Mat Joeckel is a RS junior should step right in where Manziel left off  right?

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