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Mayock certainly thought a lot of Russell Wilson.Hey no problem about disagreeing on any aspect of football. I just never understand it when the position isn't "I don't agree and my analysis is different" but is "they didn't do what I think they should have therefore they aren't't as smart as I am"

Mayock certainly thought a lot of Russell Wilson.??Mayocks Top 100 2012 draft...    No Russell WIlson on the board I am not professing that I am smarter than they are but after over 50 years of following Pro Football I have serious doubts on their abilities to predict success or failure of the first 3 rounds of the draft as confirmed by their 50% success rate.Hey I seldom stick my neck out with a strong opinion and certainly if I am wrong about Manziel I will admit I was wrong.  Over the years I have been a strong critic of Dominik and Raheem..  My concerns were proven correct.  Likewise when I railed about Benn and Lewis and how I thought the method by the way they were picked was open to criticism.Like I said the last (3) years I have been extremely pleased with the off seasons from free agents to the draft. The new regime is an A grade IMO until they passed on Manziel IMHO.  Their remarks justifying the move just sounded like BS.  I just hope that this years offense doesn't resemble "DUNGY PART 2".  So far Tedford has stayed out of the conversation so he gets the benefit of the doubt at this time.Just a bit concerned.

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