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As I said, I was VERY happy they didn't draft Manziel.As to Russell Wilson, Mayock VERBALLY said something to the effect, " if he was two or three inches taller, I would have him as a first round pick and so would everybody else". Again, that isn't a direct quote despite the quote marks. He went on to say that he would war,with Wilson as his QB any day.

if he was two or three inches taller, I would have him as a first round pick And that is the whole problem with many of these self- proclaimed Gurus.  JMO but I think they have extreme amnesia towards actual performance and production.One look at how Wilson elevated Wisconsin following a great career at NC St was completely ignored due to his numbers at the combine. ( specifically height).That is why Clowney despite taking plays off and turning in dreadful season was elevated to the # 1 pick in the draft.  It is going to be real interesting watching how they try make a non-instinctive player into a outside linebacker with far more responsibilities.  Clowney at this point in time is no more than a 3rd down pass rusher in a 4-3 defense.  I believe he will really struggle as 3 - 4 DL.      So there are two bold predictions that you completely disagree with I believe.  Manziel will flop and Clowney will be one of the greatest DL/OlB's in the history of the sport.    I think the exact opposite will happen and it comes from Character, Heart, and the incredible desire to always get better. I see that in Manziel. I don't see it in Clowney.  The first hint will be how quickly they sign that first contract.

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