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Get rid of Penn, Nicks and Joseph. Zuttah is on the edge of out the door, another high priced do nothing. Pick up a few free agents, draft like hell. Turn them over to Bostad. Put Dotson at LT. Best case scenario. Look, we have pretty good receivers and yes I know Williams is hurt, no slot receiver and no TE) and a very good RB (yes he is hurt) but next year, everyone should be healthy and back. Assuming Glennon is really a game day manager and the Bucs solve the Slot and TE issues, then they only have to replace THREE Oline positions. Both guards and a RT. Come on man, it can be done. Decent special teams, good defense (I know, no pass rush) and offensive weapons. Ya think we might be able to give Bostad free reign to rebuild the Oline? I sure as hell would.

how many top 3 round picks do you think they have? they are not going to find suitable replacements in rds 5 and 6.