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It is hard to imagine that a team outside of the NFC South could have the worst SoS.

the universe has lined up to give us this pick. We need to finish strong.

and to think....somewhere out there, some fool is still rooting for us to win.

its almost like they have never watched football before.

Probably the type of person who would welch on a bet.

I'm definitely not a fool, have played and watched a lot of football (and competed at another sport at international level) and would never welch on a bet made in good faith.To be a competitor means to want to win, to actively cheer for your team to lose begs the question, are you really a fan? Because if you are you want your team to win on a Sunday, if you aren't then go support another team. Sorry if that offends some sensibilities around here, it's just the way I feel. You don't play to lose. You play to win.

My comment was directed towards someone very specific, and definitely not you. I'm sorry if you felt this was a generalized statement, it wasn't. I completely understand rooting for your team no matter what, but this year and this team need to lose.

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