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while i respect Sapp for what he’s done in Tampa i thnk he’s way out of line when talking about Strahan not being a 1st ballot. I live in Jersey and had to watch the damn Giants a lot and Strahan was an absolute beast in his prime, a guy that at times was unblockable and could impact an entire game all by himself kinda like Sapp would do. Mr. Sapp always had a better Defense surrounding him then what Strahan had in NY. it wasn’t till late in Stra92’s Career that the G-Men started to build a really good front line when drafting J. Tuck and OSI not to mention Mathais K. anyways Strahan is without a doubt a 1st ballot HOFer and Sapp needs to shut his trap cuz he’s getting me sick, always mouthing off and not minding his damn business.

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