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So prefacing this with the fact that i never really thought that rice was worthy of the hall of fame.......doing a quick bit of research, it appears as though strahan and rice had fairly similar careers.  It looks like all strahan really has on rice is a dpoy award, but rice can counter with a droy award (not as cool, but you know, its kinda close).  similar all-pro numbers, strahan beats him in pro bowls, but big deal...its a popularity contest.  Sack numbers are relatively similar.  strahan is 5th all time, rice is 15th.All things considered (strahan playing on the easy side and all), if you are going to put strahan in...i think you have to put rice in too.  and again, i dont really think rice deserves it all that much...which leads me to believe that strahan doesnt deserve it all that much.kinda shocking when i sit there and look at it objectively.He didnt do all that much more than another guy, that i think we can all agree was pretty awesome, but not hall of fame worthy.  He didnt revolutionize his position like brooks or sapp or lewis or sanders or any of those other guys.i think the bottom line is...strahan doesnt deserve to go in.  pretty shocking.

One area where they differ is, Strahan is a regular on TV, while Rice is home preparing for a trip to Mars.

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