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First of all, Strahan already missed out on the 1st ballot. This is his 2nd try.2nd, I'm Sapp's biggest fan and I usually find a way to laugh and defend most of what he says, but this one is baffling. Dude, you already got in the HOF OVER Strahan last year. Your point was made. Let it go.3rd, Strahan should def be in the HOF. No debate. Not over Brooks, but he should get in this year. I also think Simeon should eventually get in. He doesn't get as much praise as he deserves

i dunno man.  rice just isnt all that...hall of fame worthy.  he doesnt seem to have that "it".  I think we could debate lynch, and maybe even barber (though i think the last few years cemented barber).  but rice?  no...he wont make it.  then, holding up strahan to rice, and saying is this dude (strahan) worthy, when this dude (rice) isnt?  i think the answer is no.the more i think about it, the more im voting strahan down every year if i was a voter.  he was never top 5 in his position, never super feared, never game planned around, never revolutionized his position...maybe on a lean year?but keep in mind, hes number 5 in total sacks, but the dude who is number 3 in total sacks also isnt in the hall of fame.i dunno.  im not a voter.  but the way i see things, you just cant let rice in...and then holding up strahan to rice (the guy you just cant let in) cant let strahan in either

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