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"the more i think about it, the more im voting strahan down every year if i was a voter.  he was never top 5 in his position, never super feared, never game planned around."I have to disagree with you on all accounts.  He was one of the top 5 DEs of the last 20 years.  At one point he was the best in the league.  You don't think a guy with 22 sacks in one season wasnt feared or game planned around? But you could say all those things about Ronde Barber.

Let's see:Reggie WhiteBruce SmithChris DolemanHowie LongJared AllenJulius PeppersDwight FreeneyI'll let people rank them but I don't see how Strahan makes the top 5 and if he does it's dead last at #5. J.J. Watts should be on that list soon enough as well.Ranked #23 here: #6 here: #4 here: in top 5 here: in top 10 here: in top 10 here either:,Greatest-Defensive-Linemen-of-All-TimeI just don't see much to support a hypothesis that Strahan is a top 5 all-time player.

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