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"the more i think about it, the more im voting strahan down every year if i was a voter.  he was never top 5 in his position, never super feared, never game planned around."I have to disagree with you on all accounts.  He was one of the top 5 DEs of the last 20 years.  At one point he was the best in the league.  You don't think a guy with 22 sacks in one season wasnt feared or game planned around? But you could say all those things about Ronde Barber.

like i said: i went into this conversation assuming that strahan was a lock for the hall.  Its when he is compared to another guy that i dont think is really all that deserving (though others do) that i find im not all that sold on strahan's worthiness.i humbly disagree that he was top 5.  top 10 most definitely, but top 5?  no.  And we will honestly never have a true comparison thanks to the side he played on.  Feared...ok, maybe...but you dont game plan a defensive end the way you change your passing game for a shutdown corner, or even to quite the same level as a dominant dt.i guess what my overall conclusion is: strahan is not worthy because guys like rice are not worthy...and if strahan *IS* worthy in his second, or even third ballot, then rice MUST be worthy in his 8th or 9th ballot.another post argues that strahan had a better career than rice, and i agree, he did.  but not SO much better that you can say one of them belongs in the hall of fame, and the other in the hall of very good.

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