Re: Re: Dolphins locker room face investigations…Incognito suspended indefinitely


Words are meaningless if you're not prepared to back them up. You got beat up a lot in high school, didn't you?

Back them up? The hell are you saying that needs to be backed up? When confronted with a bully did you egg him on and worsen the situation? If so you might be an idiot.As for me? Got in one fight in high school. Slept with this guy's girlfriend (I didn't know!) and all week it's "fight me or my friends will jump you". I talk him into a wrestling match so he'll get over it. Of course I was dealing with an idiot and he breaks that agreement and starts swinging at me. The crowd was pleased until I put him in a chokehold and just let him wear himself out xD Pretty boring, but I'm glad he wasn't injured. I felt bad for what that girl did to him.So if you're trying to tell me that sometimes you have to fight to defend yourself, then yeah I get that. But many people are advocating STARTING the physical violence. If you have to finish it then whatever, but caveman ME NO LIKE YOUR WORDS ME POUND YOUR FACE? Eh.

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