Re: Re: Dolphins locker room face investigations…Incognito suspended indefinitely


"All this bs about needing to be an ahole to play the game just is not true."No, it's not true. But then nobody said it was. People are saying that you need to have the mentality of someone who will stand up for themselves to play the game. You keep twisting that into "you need to be an ahole to play the game." Are you concerned that your arguments will not stand on their own merit, and so you must distort the other side's position?

haha classic forum discussion blurb in bold aboveWhat I'm arguing against is that someone who does not like confrontation WITH THEIR PEERS AND TEAM MATES is a weak minded individual that can't play the game on Sundays. What does that make the people that don't say NO and follow along with others in the locker room?The ahole portion was a logical extension of people stating players need to be able to go physical when being hazed, etc along with stating someone that.....ah nvm.I usually read more then I post on here but this kind of false equivalence just gets me sometimes. There is nothing wrong protecting yourself when physically attacked but to call people weak minded because they decided to go up the chain due to repeated events is dumb. Teaching people to ONLY take care of it themselves results in escalated violence.Good luck to you if you get in one of those situations.

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