Re: Re: Dolphins locker room face investigations…Incognito suspended indefinitely


It is possible that it may not be as systemic and and out of control as it sounds.  If the report that Martin missed a practices or shirked duties in the off season, and considering that Incognito was laughing on the recording, it  might have been some meat headed poor humor that is not so rare in locker rooms, and a poor effort at leadership by Incognito.  Martin's behavior and temperament might have caused the abuse to snowball from there.  It could be a situation that regularly occurs, that simply provoked an irregular reaction.  To be very clear, I am in no way excusing Incognito.  He seems like an ass, and his career is certainly over.  I wonder though, if the situation would have been quite so inflammatory if he hadn't dropped the ridiculous racial element into that voice mail.

It was bad enough that the guy had to give Incognito that 15 grand out of fear he says.. And it was bad enough that he left his team, something that football players rarely do. They reported that veteran players were using the rookies for piggy banks. This isn't overblown.

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