Re: Re: Dolphins locker room face investigations…Incognito suspended indefinitely


1: Richie Incognito left this VM for Jonathan Martin in April 2013: “Hey, wassup, you half n

piece of (expletive)…2. More Incognito to Martin: "I saw you on Twitter, you been training ten weeks. (I want to) (expletive) in your (expl) mouth....3. Incognito VM to Martin: "(I'm going to) slap your (expletive) mouth. (I'm going to) slap your real mother across the face (laughter).4. Incognito to Martin, all on same VM in April 2013: "(Expletive) you, you're still a rookie. I'll kill you."NFL has heard Richie Incognito's VM to Jonathan Martin. Dolphins have heard the voice mail.-Schefter

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