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It's what is happening in our schools now with these ridiculous anti-bullying campaigns.  Instead of teaching kids to stand up for themselves and fight back they teach them to turn tail and hide behind the teachers' skirts.

Doc,  that's silly, unless they have really weird schools in HI. Anti-bullying campaigns in schools that I know of are focused on getting kids to stand up PERIOD . . . for themselves and others. The situation in Miami unfolded NOT just because Martin presumably didnt stand up (until recently) but also because many others did not stand up. Whose guilty, a bully who picks on someone or the person who watches and does nothing?

It's really about guilt.. It comes a time when you have to stand up for yourself once or twice. That doesn't necessarily means that it has to come to blows but teaching kids that standing up for themselves is always going to an adult to fix the problem is making them soft I believe.

Kids are taught to "report" bullying.  That isn't standing up for yourself.


You have an image of a famous movie bully from a movie that was all about standing up to bullies yourself and yet somehow your text there makes me think you disapprove of standing up to bullies rather than reporting them to authority figures.