Re: Re: Dolphins locker room face investigations…Incognito suspended indefinitely


It's really hard to say without knowing all the details. If a teammate was calling me and leaving racial slurs and threatening my family, I would have handled it quickly by going to management and going up the food chain until the guy was gone. If a guy was just messing with me a bunch, but I didn't think it constituted actual harassment, I'd ignore him or try to give him **CENSORED** back.In my adult life, I can't imagine a non-self defense scenario where I'd feel the need to fight someone.

it's just different strokes for different folks I guess.

Some of us have evolved past our caveman problem solving skills.

And some us know that sometimes you have to go a little caveman to get your point across.

And that mentality is part of why women-beaters pop up every day.

Sensible people know that's really not the case.

So a human being that has trained their brain to respond to conflict with violence first won't most likely resort to violence when another conflict arises?

I'm just saying the dude should stand up for himself instead of just taking it or running to find somebody else to handle it for him. That's a crazy idea in todays world I know.

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