Re: Re: Dolphins locker room face investigations…Incognito suspended indefinitely


Well if nothing else we have determined who all the beta males on this board are.  And flushed out at least one female as well.When a bully is taking your money he is doing it with violence.  That is robbery plain and simple.  When they tell you to pay up you tell them to go fsck themselves, you stand up to them.  Not complicated.  It doesn't mean tracking them down with a baseball bat and going Capone on them.This is probably going to end in violence, at least once with a bully, but it's the only way to deal with it.  People can make all the excuses they want, but the real problem is they are just too big a bunch of puzzies to face someone.  You may or may not get your ass kicked, but the simple fact is that you have made yourself more work that it is worth the bullies time.  If you run to authority you paint a target for derision on your back, everyone knows you are a little btch and will treat you as such.  You also angered the bully and made your situation worse, not better.  That doesn't jive with the PC worldview that people so often believe because they had it spoonfed by their teachers, but that's how the real world works.  And you also run into the fact that authority is arbitrary and chooses who it persecutes and who it protects and how ell it does each.  And authority isn't always around.  A teacher can't protect you after school and your employer can't protect you after work.

"When they tell you to pay up you tell them to go fsck themselves, you stand up to them." You had me there, but then you went full redneck/gangbanger. Funny how those two work out their problems in similar ways.

For Gawd's sake, we get it.  You wouldn't fight.  Others would.  Like YoungOne said like four pages ago, to each their own...Can't you just accept that ?

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