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He still had 11.5 sacks last year . He's going to command at least 5 million a year just may be a short contract . Like 2-3 years.

So would you not want him if the deal looks something like 3 years/$15 million with $10 mil guaranteed for years 1 and 2?  Personally, I would jump all over that deal.

It would cost more than that to get him here. If that is all he is going to get he'll probably end up in Seattle, Chicago, or Atlanta, a team with an established QB who is easier to predict contending for a Superbowl.

It might not.  Most of the teams with "established QB's" are very tight with their cap space due to the amounts they are paying their QBs.  Just look at last year, how long did it take for Freeney and Abraham to get deals less than that?  The current trend is to go young with your deals and that leaves some of the older vets available.

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