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I think the Bucs should use this years free agency to reset. Bring some high priced players in and let other high priced players on the roster go. Greg Hardy is just too good a player not to go after if he does somehow make free agency. Same goes for Alex Mack. For the most part I think the  Bucs should only be willing to give big contracts to top free agent O-Lineman or D-Lineman this year, although I don’t think it’s outrageous to sign Byrd and look to trade Goldson considering Byrd’s dad is our secondary coach. In addition to Goldson, the Bucs can look to move on from Penn and Joseph to free up cap space this year (although the Bucs probably need to look for a RT in free agency to kick Dotson over to the left side), with Nicks and Mike Williams being big contracts that need to get healthy and play well to stay on the roster in 2015.The Bucs are at least 3 years from having to pay a QB. They have that money that no one else in the division does. If they want to compete in the division over the next 3 years, they need to spend it wisely, but they need to spend it.

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