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My concern is the Glazers are waiting to see if Penn State offers Schiano the job ...that way they can let him go with no owed money.  Even if that happens (is Penn State crazy???) it won't happen until O'Brien has taken an NFL job, which means later into the offseason so another coaching search when all the good candidates are gone and every other team is filling out their staffs so another staff of cast off assistants.  They need to make the move NOW and start the search ASAP.

They *always* do that. Even when it worked they still waited way too long to make decisions. They will do it again.

Been A BUC Fan Forever but unless Glazers shape up and act like owners and supply fans with a product one can be proud of I certainly want to jump ship and root for an organization that cares about the team n fans n not just about the $$$$ they're making just producing **CENSORED**ty results with every year!!!!!GLAZERS WAKE UP OR SELL THE DAMN TEAM ALREADY!!!!!!!!

OK we get it, you're not happy.Now quit spamming the boards with your whining, it's not like the Glazers will ever actually read it.

When the media talks about "pressure growing on an ownership group to make a change" ... how do you imagine that is generated? I'm not saying the Glazers will literally read each message but if the Glazers sucking becomes standard thought among the majority of Bucs fans then its possible it grows into local media and eventually national. Some pressure on them can't hurt -- they've screwed us over for years now with virtually no criticism from national media ... hell even local media gives them a semi-pass. Fans of other teams trash talk me about Revis ... as if we give a crap about $16m on Revis in the wake of a 4-12 season, MSRA, Freeman, our 70's coaching staff, and our absentee, dithering, apathetic, stingy owners. We're so off the radar that fans of other teams literally don't even know what they should mock us for.

Sure post something on a message board but you are a little late to the party with your comment, maybe if you were on here when FL_Photographer was in the process of posting this exact message in EVERY single thread on the front page you would get it.Points are made far better when you don't look like you're not all there mentally, one well worded post/thread making your case is great .Having a long run on sentence that includes spelling errors and attempts are swearing posted multiple times not so much if you really expect it to have an impact.

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