Re: Re: Dream Scenario 2014 Ohhhhhh Yessss!


A very very bad dream.

This thread has nothing to do with how you feel about your life. Go away.

Don't post opinions if you can't handle it when people disagree, boy.

I can handle disagreement, I'm all for it. What I can't hardly stand is superficial, unintelligent fans who offer nothing to the discussion, girl.

Your original response to my post obviously showed that you couldn't. It will be okay, you'll grow up one day.Anyway, since you can't handle one liners in jest, I'll break down the fails in this "dream". No way David Shaw leaves a prestigious college HC job to be a NFL coordinator. The only way he makes the jump to the NFL is as a HC. Fail.Davin is a shell of his former self. If he is kept, even at a cut cost, it should be as a backup. He is a liability and has been for years. Fail.No one is going to pay a 3rd rounder for Penn, and no way do we trade him within the division. He is paid fairly for his production and is the least of the Bucs problems. Fail.Not taking a QB in one of the better QB classes when we have a questionable option currently at QB in a QB driven league. Fail.It's gonna take more than just a 2nd for Minnesota to jump up. We better get a hell of a lot more than just a 2nd. Fail.

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