Re: Re: Dream Scenario 2014 Ohhhhhh Yessss!


I am willing to give Glennon the rest of the year before I decide if I want a QB or not, but I really want a head coach with NFL experience at that position.  Option 1 would be Lovie Smith.  He would also be options 2-6 as well.As far as the rest of your draft stuff I would love to see Glennon work out and allow us to take a linemen.  Oline or Dline- I'm good with either.  I do think if we trade that pick we can get a lot more for it.  The top 2 picks are quite valuable, especially to a team we know wants a QB.  I can think of atleast 4 teams that would want in on that bidding war.  Walking away from this draft with Clowney or Matthews plus a handful of premium picks would be sweet- assuming Glennon looks like the real deal by seasons end.  I do have to be honest and say that most of my opinion here is based on the fact that Bridgewater is the only QB in this draft I see as a blue chip type of guy, and I'm pretty sure Jax will take him at #1.

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