Re: Re: Dream Scenario 2014 Ohhhhhh Yessss!


I don't want to put any blame on players that have played well in the past, but have started sucking this year. I would like to keep Penn around. Joseph can be cut because he really wasn't that great before his injury. It'd be nice to have an elite LT for years to come but to me that is a luxury that this team doesn't need. If we can get the oline playing the way that we did last year, then it's more than adequate. There's teams that have bad olines which have QBs that succeed. We either need a game changer at QB or DE. I would even pick up a WR before going LT. The way that this league is going, you need guys that can help you put up, or stop the most points in the passing game.

I would argue that a brick wall at left tackle (assuming a righty at QB) does help you put up points in the passing game.

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