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#1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon  The Buccaneers don't have to trade up this time. I know for a fact that Tampa is more than willing to move up for a quarterback, but that's not necessary now that the Buccaneers are projected to have the first-overall pick. find the bolded portion to be pretty enlightening

Walter has made "I know for a fact" statements about the bucs the last two years and he's been wrong so I don't find it that enlightening. I highly doubt the bucs would have traded up to get one of these QBs. Especially when the weakness on oline stands out more than anything on the team. Dline and oline not nearly strong enough to make that kind of trade.

I'll give em credit for calling the Freeman mess long beforehand.

Yea but a lot of people including myself were warning about that Freeman mess, but nobody took them that seriously because they were just message board posters. He did seem to know because of sure-fire connections i suppose.

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